Westchester Christian Worship Center | WHAT TO EXPECT
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What do I wear?

We invite you to come to Westchester Christian Worship Center dressed however you feel comfortable.  As you look across our congregation you will see those who feel most comfortable attending our church casually dressed in jeans while others may choose to wear a sport coats and dresses.  Our Lead Pastor chooses to wear dress pants, button up shirt and an occasional sport coat.


What does a service look like?

Each service at Westchester Christian Worship Center is about 75 minutes in length.  For the first twenty to thirty minutes we have a time of worship led by one of our incredible worship leaders.  Once the time of worship is complete we will welcome our visitors and ask them to stop by our hospitality desk prior to leaving the building so they may receive a free gift that is prepared for them.   We will then give our members the opportunity to give their tithes and offering which is followed by a sermon intended to encourage your continued pursuit of God.

What type of music will I hear?

Our music is a reflection of our cultural diversity.  As a pentecostal church you will likely see people expressing their love for God with up raised hands, shouts of joy and voices singing praise to God.  Our music is a mix contemporary Christian worship produced by groups such as Hillsong, Bethel Worship, and Elevation worship balanced by the gospel roots of our beautiful congregation.

Where do my kids go when I am in the church service?

Children are welcome to sit with their parents in our sanctuary.   We do offer a nursery program for newborns and toddlers. Once a child is potty-trained they are invited to participate in our WCKids Sunday morning discipleship program. WCKids serves children up through the fifth grade.


All of our teachers and childcare workers are thoroughly screened to ensure your child’s utmost safety.  If you have any questions regarding our Children’s Discipleship programs please call the church and ask for our Children’s Ministry Director, Bethany Lizzol.


Will I be asked to give money?

Part of our worship experience is to give our church members the opportunity to donate to the ministry of Westchester Christian Worship Center.  We call this tithes and offerings. Tithes and offerings are received as an act of obedience to the scriptures which acknowledges God’s provision in our life.   Although visitors are certainly welcomed to donate to the ministry of Westchester Christian Worship Center, it is not expected.

Where do we go when we arrive?

Once you arrive on our campus, proceed through the front doors of our facility and you will be greeted by our warm and friendly usher team.  Just beyond the front doors is our Hospitality Desk and the attendants will be able to answer all your questions.  Our sanctuary is directly opposite the front doors and will be easy to find.  For those interested in our nursery or WCKids discipleship program, our ushers and hospitality team will escort you to the proper registration area.


For any of our guests who need access to the building which does not include stairs, simply continue driving around the building.   You will see the circular drop off and pick up area which provides access to the building without needing to climb the stairs.